Our Services

If Your Parent Lives in the DC Metro Area

Siblings consult with Director
Barbara Kane, LCSW-C

You and your siblings will meet with us to give a comprehensive picture of your parent’s situation. In this consultation, we will recommend necessary geriatric services. From among the huge array of such services –doctors, facilities, home health aides, eldercare lawyers and many more–we set you on the path of appropriate care. On a weekly basis, our care manager can:

  • Develop close bond with parent
  • Participate in doctor/parent appointments with feedback to family
  • Interview and monitor competent home helpers
  • Advocate for parent in facilities and in home
  • Select placement options
  • Assist with transitions from home, rehabilitation and hospitals

Your parent may resist your best efforts. The care manager acts as a buffer between you and a parent grappling with memory impairment, failing health or a difficult personality. For your parent, she will become a familiar welcome visitor. For you, she will be a trusted ally in your parent’s care, consulting with you often and supporting your efforts. Together we form a professional circle of care that can be an immense relief to you.

If Your Parent Lives Outside the DC Metro Area

Since 1982 we have vetted over 300 seasoned private geriatric care managers throughout the US. ANS requires that each has a Master’s Degree in Social Work along with the highest licensure of their state. All care managers have been interviewed for their expertise, warmth and competency. Many of them have been used by ANS for 20 to 30 years. In rare instances, when no MSW’s exist we will select RN care mangers or gerontologists for your relative.

Psychotherapy For You

Adult daughter in therapy with
Associate Director Linda Hill, LCSW-C

We work directly with you to rejuvenate your own flagging energies during scheduled psychotherapy sessions. We teach you skills for dealing in a measured way with your parents’ or spouse’s changing mental and physical state. We also treat  adults with anxiety and depression unrelated to aging issues including interpersonal relationships and self esteem issues.

Psychotherapy For Your Parent

In psychotherapy sessions with your parent, we teach ways to manage the rigors of adjusting to new limitations, and handle loss, grief, pain, or depression. Our therapists can see your parents in our offices or in their homes. Health insurance and Medicare may cover all or a portion of psychotherapy costs.