Working with Siblings When Aging Parents Need Care

Do You Have A Sibling Who…

  • Disagrees with you on your parent’s care?
  • Is a primary caregiver and not doing well in that role?
  • Lives out of town but thinks he has all the solutions?
  • Is doing too much or not enough?

Linda Hill, LCSW-C and Barbara Kane, LCSW-C

Over the last three decades, we have worked with adult siblings as they re-engage with one another in very intense circumstances around their aging parents’ care

Coordinating care for aging and ill parents is difficult for many adult siblings and frequently reawakens old wounds and conflicts. The focus of our work is not the sibling relationship, it is the effective care of the aging parents. Still, working to resolve issues related to taking care of their parents may offer siblings a fresh opportunity to resolve past conflicts.

It is never an easy process. This chapter helps siblings find ways to communicate better and focus on the best interest of their aging parent.

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