Melissa Needleman LCSW and client

Melissa Needleman, LCSW-C and her client

We are geriatric care managers and psychotherapists located in Bethesda, Maryland. Our clients are people who feel a strong sense of responsibility to parents  who can no longer function independently. They are determined to keep their parents safe and as high-functioning as possible.

While our clients are committed to helping their parents, they also want to retain the joys and routines of their own lives. They rely on us to help them succeed at the difficult, emotion-laden balancing act they face.

Aging Network Services began in 1982 when providing this kind of support was a new idea. We are pioneers in the field, often quoted in the press, interviewed and sought out as educators.

Our practice is entirely composed of geriatric social workers and counselors who hold master degrees. We each work with only a small number of families, remaining accessible in what must be a highly personal service. Collectively, we have eased the burden of care for thousands of families with elder parents.


A Testimonial

“I first came to Aging Network Services for help with my mother’s move to an assisted living facility. It had become too unsafe for her to live alone, but I had no idea how to proceed. The Aging Network Services staff helped me through the process, including selection of the best new home for my mom. It has been over two years and I still depend on their caring and compassionate staff to visit my mom and act as my eyes, ears and advocate. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Larry, Bethesda, MD.
ANS Client